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Our mission at Whitcomb High School is to provide a challenging Common Core Standards curriculum within a safe, caring, and personalized environment that will enable all students to reach their educational and lifelong goals.

Whitcomb will continue to focus on the technological needs, as well as enhancing the critical thinking and problem solving skills of our students to better prepare them for life beyond high school.

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Sustainable Organic Garden

After weeks of planning, it is finally coming to fruition.  Science teacher Mari Helm and her cast of student gardeners are in the process of putting together a Sustainable Organic Garden at Whitcomb High School.  This is an idea that Ms. Helm has been plotting for the past few years, and with the help of the district, suitable space and her science students, it is happening.  The design was the idea of Ms. Helm, and after gaining approval, the students took soil samples and began testing the pH and alkalinity.  They found the soil to have clay in it, which meant adding sand and peat moss in order to allow for durability for growth.  Soon after testing, the digging, forming and raking quickly took place.  With shovels in hand, the students have worked alongside Ms. Helm to put her plan in action.  A recently purchased composter has been used as a recycling agent to fertilize the soon-to-be garden.  Ms. Helm was recently awarded a Glendora Rotary Grant to assist with the costs associated with putting the garden in action.  At the completion of the garden structure, flowers and vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic and cilantro will be planted, which means spicy salsa is right around the corner.

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